At VIA Design Build, design matters and building matters. Better buildings result when architects take on and design for the construction process. VIA Design Build is a unique design build practice led by architects. We specialize in translating the values of excellent design into the language of builders. With a deep understanding of both architecture and construction, we enrich the design process with a deep understanding of craft and bring a keen eye for design to the construction management process.

As a Vertically Integrated Architecture practice, VIA Design Build offers a single source of responsibility for the design, construction, and commissioning of buildings. Typically, an owner hires an architect to draw a building and a contractor to manage the subcontractors that will build it. In this model, tremendous time and resources are dedicated to the moments of handoff to avoid liability exposure and get the next group up to speed. This separation disincentivizes innovation and quality and dramatically increases the cost. Ultimately, the project stakeholders lose out. With the efficiency of a single team, more of the project resources can be mobilized to the end of executing better buildings. 

Founded in 2019, VIA brings highly efficient design and construction management to projects at any level of customization with the singular focus of realizing great design. We partner with property owners, architects, and builders at all stages of the architecture and construction process to get great design built. We bridge the gap between contractors and designers, understanding the needs of builders while valuing and prioritizing great design throughout the building process.

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